Cryptography, Steganography and Malware

One of the few courses in the market dedicated to Cryptography, Steganography and Malware Analysis.

Steganography is the process of encrypting data while cryptography encrypts the existence of the data itself. These two techniques are invaluable in the age of data dominance. This course is one of the few of its kind focussed entirely on instruction in these key concepts. It is detailed and covers everything from the fundamentals to the more advanced techniques.

Benefits of choosing this course

Benefits of choosing the Cryptography, Steganography & Malware course

Learn how to use Cryptography and algorithms to maintain confidentiality and integrity of data.

Master the art of storing data into images using steganography.

Understand malware, malware distribution techniques and malware analysis.

Highlights of the Cryptography, Steganography & Malware course

Content curated specifically to offer a detailed understanding of Cryptography and Steganography.

One complete module dedicated to malware and malware analysis.

Downloadable study material and self-assessment quiz for bolstering learning.

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  • Key Learning Objectives

      After completing the Cryptography, Steganography and Malware course, you will be able to:
    • Articulate the basics of cryptography, types of cryptography and types of ciphers.
    • Offer a detailed explanation of what Public Key Infrastructure is and what its components are.
    • Properly understand what a signed certificate is, what email encryption is and what digital signatures are.
    • Explain the concept of Pretty Good Privacy.

    • Work with Disk Encryption, File Encryption, Encryption Keys, Encryption Attacks.
    • Articulate what Secure Socket Layer is and why it was moved out of usage and replaced by its successor Transport Layer Security.
    • Comprehend Cryptanalysis and how to break ciphertext even if the key is unknown.
    • Enhance your knowledge of Steganalysis and how to detect steganography.
    • Understand and explain how to store data within images.
    • Develop sound knowledge of the fundamentals of Malware and the common techniques attackers use to distribute malware.
    • Explain in your own words Trojan Concepts and Virus & Worm concepts.
    • Better grasp the fundamentals of Ransomware and Malware Analysis.
    • Work on evading anti-virus techniques.

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    Directly download the full Learning Objectives of the course here

    Templates. Worksheets & Mind-maps

    When you enrol in this course you will have access to several worksheets & templates that you can use immediately. Take a look at the course curriculum, below, to see whats included in this course.

    The image immediately below is a gallery view of some of the templates and collateral available to students.

    Continuing Professional Development

    CPD points can be claimed for this course at the rate of 1 point per hour of training for this NCSC-certified and CIISec-approved course (8 points for one-day public course and 15 points for the two-day internal workshop - for when organisations host this course internally).

    CIPR Student-Only Incident Response Plan Template

    As a student you get access to unique content including our highly acclaimed Cyber Incident Response Plan Template. If you want, you can download the FREE version of the Incident Response Plan template here.

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An understanding of Cryptography, Steganography and Malware can go a long way in elevating the cybersecurity posture of your organisation. You can further enhance your cyber resilience capabilities with effective Incident Response strategies and fit-for-purpose Cyber Incident Response Playbooks training.