Internet of Things - IOT

Understand the security issues associated with IoT & make better decisions when building, deploying and assessing IoT technologies

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the hottest technology trends today and in the near future the IoT ecosystem will explode with billions of devices going online. The progression in IoT is expected to offer automation in nearly all fields. Industrial product vendors and consumers are imagining connecting almost everything to the Internet. With the brisk development in IoT, security of IoT devices is becoming a huge priority. This specialised course teaches you the art and skill of testing the security of IoT devices. It enables you to become a future-ready cybersecurity professional.

Benefits of choosing this course

Benefits of choosing the IOT course

Get ahead of competition by mastering the ability to evaluate security of smart devices.

Emerge as a future-ready cybersecurity professional as IoT devices take over the world.

Dive deep into the comprehensive coverage of IoT security & vulnerabilities.

Highlights of the IoT course

A niche course designed and developed by practising real-world experts.

Master all you need to know about IoT fundamentals and security.

Downloadable study material that you can reference after course completion.

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  • Key Learning Objectives

      After completing the Internet of Things course, you will be able to:
    • Explain in your own words what the Internet of Things (IoT) is and why this industry is booming.
    • Understand and articulate the application of IoT technologies in different industries.
    • Confidently discuss the benefits and the future potential of IoT.
    • Comprehend IoT architecture and the frameworks used.

    • Explain what comprises the IoT attack surface and how to secure it.
    • Gain considerable proficiency in OWASP Top 10 for IoT vulnerabilities.
    • Work with Recon and Nmap to scan IoT devices for vulnerabilities.
    • Become familiar with the most effective mitigation techniques for IoT devices and reduce the chance of exploitation.
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    Directly download the full Learning Objectives of the course here

    Templates. Worksheets & Mind-maps

    When you enrol in this course you will have access to several worksheets & templates that you can use immediately. Take a look at the course curriculum, below, to see whats included in this course.

    The image immediately below is a gallery view of some of the templates and collateral available to students.

    Continuing Professional Development

    CPD points can be claimed for this course at the rate of 1 point per hour of training for this NCSC-certified and CIISec-approved course (8 points for one-day public course and 15 points for the two-day internal workshop - for when organisations host this course internally).

    CIPR Student-Only Incident Response Plan Template

    As a student you get access to unique content including our highly acclaimed Cyber Incident Response Plan Template. If you want, you can download the FREE version of the Incident Response Plan template here.

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While the Internet of Things holds tremendous possibilities & potential, it also poses a unique set of cybersecurity challenges. Make sure you're ready to respond to them with effective Cyber Incident Planning & Response training.