Network Forensics

Master the science of retrieving information within a networked environment with this course focussed on Network Forensics.

Network Forensics is a fast-growing and vital subcategory of digital forensics. It equips you to discover and retrieve information about a cybercrime within a networked environment. This course prepares you with the fundamentals of network forensics and then moves on to show you how to use the tools and protocols for real-world application. It’s a hands-on training course that will show you how to unlock the true power of Network Forensics in a world riddled with cybercrime.

Benefits of choosing this course

Benefits of choosing the Network Forensics course

Learn how to monitor and analyse computer network traffic.

Build skills in one of the most relevant fields of information security and digital forensics.

Gain practical experience in using tools to solve Network Forensics challenges.

Highlights of the Network Forensics course

Intensive practical training focussed on lab sessions.

In-depth explanation of protocols and tools that are critical to Network Forensics.

Self-assessment for evaluating your learning.

  • Key Learning Objectives
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  • Key Learning Objectives

      After completing the Network Forensics course, you will be able to:
    • Explain in your own words what Network Forensics is all about including its principles and challenges .
    • Offer a detailed explanation of how evidence from Network Forensics is used and by what roles and functions.
    • Enhance your knowledge of Network Forensics protocols used most commonly like NBNS, HTTP, Kerberos etc. .
    • Comprehend how to use tools like Wireshark.

    • Fully grasp how to capture, record and analyse events on a network.
    • Understand and explain how to look for abnormalities, how to analyse them and make decisions. .
    • Comprehend Evidence Collection rules.
    • Enhance your knowledge of criteria for admissibility of novel scientific evidence.
    • Articulate the complete Network Forensics investigative process.
  • Direct Downloads

    Directly download the full Learning Objectives of the course here

    Templates. Worksheets & Mind-maps

    When you enrol in this course you will have access to several worksheets & templates that you can use immediately. Take a look at the course curriculum, below, to see whats included in this course.

    The image immediately below is a gallery view of some of the templates and collateral available to students.

    Continuing Professional Development

    CPD points can be claimed for this course at the rate of 1 point per hour of training for this NCSC-certified and CIISec-approved course (8 points for one-day public course and 15 points for the two-day internal workshop - for when organisations host this course internally).

    CIPR Student-Only Incident Response Plan Template

    As a student you get access to unique content including our highly acclaimed Cyber Incident Response Plan Template. If you want, you can download the FREE version of the Incident Response Plan template here.

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Network Forensics is a key part of the cyber defence puzzle. Apart from upskilling yourself in this critical subject, make sure you also adequately prepare for a cyber-attack with an effective cyber incident response plan.