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Wayne Parkes

Head of ICT Warwickshire Police UK.

Quite a difficult subject to get over sometimes but I think he presented it really well. Nice mixture of technical knowledge and practical examples. Good for a very mixed audience in terms of it wasn’t overly technical. I highly recommend it in terms of bringing a mixed group up to speed with the importance about responding to a cyber incident, and what the essentials are, about dealing with it.

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Eaun Ramsay


"I found the course very productive and discussing the various aspects of incident response. Course is very clearly presented; I fully understood the content and look forward to putting some of the stuff into practice. Thank you.."

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Catherine Gloor

Executive Director - UBS

"I've just attended the Cyber Incident Response training, it was really spot on, very practical, non-technical. I have a couple of great take-aways for myself for my everyday work. Highly recommend it for non technical people."

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Richard Paskin

IT Security Manager - UHB(NHS)

"The major takeaway has been preparedness. Creating a balance of Technical Risks and People Risks and having a plan in readiness for when a cyber attack occurs."

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Dhirendra Kumar

Head of Cyber Resilience - Barcalys Investment Bank

"I must say that this is a fantastic program which gives us not only the technical element of it but more importantly how we can make the organization more resilient from the cyber threat. I will certainly recommend this course for people to understand how they can understand the cyberthreat and make their organization more resilient."

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Suraj Singh

Senior Program Manager (Security) at Microsoft

"Hi, my name is Suraj Singh and I am from Microsoft, Hyderabad, Security Operations Centre. This course and workshop that I've been through today, it was amazing. Amar is not just a trainer, he's an industry expert, and from his experience and knowledge, I actually got some amazing insights about cybersecurity incident response and management. We did some amazing exercises today, created the red team activities and blue team activities, and, we were actually able to find sudden ways to attack and to defend, and I think overall, this has actually allowed me to think about a lot of other things which we can achieve and we can practice. It was amazing. Thank you."

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